What is Meat Slicer – What should you know about meat Slicers?

Meat slicers are used in place of knives to cut out uniform slices of the meat. In comparison to the knives, they do a cleaner job and also retain the texture of the food.

Not only can they slice meat but also a variety of other foods like cheese, bread, fruits, vegetables,etc.

Types of Meat Slicers

Further the meat slicer are divided into two types:

Manual Meat Slicers

The manual meat slicers, as the name suggests, are operated by hand. It was usually used in the earlier days when the technology was not advanced enough.

As they are operated by hand, it needs a lot of manual effort to do the slicing. And they are good for environments with low demand. These slicers also have a low efficiency and consume time and consider the best manual meat slicer.

Automatic Meat Slicers

Secondly, there are automatic meat slicers which work electronically. They come with motors and gears which make the slicing way easier.

Moreover, the meat slicers with gears make the job more efficient and less time consuming. These automatic/electric motors are all the rage right now.

Accordingly they were heavy duty and used in commercial kitchens and butcher shops. As there is always a high demand for meat cuts there.

But recent developments have made these electric meat slicers compact and lightweight. The food slicers for home use have been great additions to the kitchens for everyday people.

Hence the common folk can use it in their kitchen at their homes.

Features in a meat slicer

Apart from other things there are features the top rated meat slicer should have:


The most important component of a meat slicer is the blade. The most common type of blade used is stainless steel which is rust resistant.

Some of them are also coated with aluminium or chromium that also acts as protectors against corrosion.

Thickness Control Knob

Another important feature of the best meat slicers for home use is the thickness control dial. You will always need different sizes of cuts for different purposes.

Various slicers have various thickness settings ranging from 0-20 mm.

The ON/OFF Switch

There is always a power switch in the electric meat slicers. They give added protection if you forgot to plug out the slicer

Rubber Suction Feet

The meat slicers should have rubber feet. The meat slicers work electrically and simultaneously cause vibrations. As a result all those vibrations cause it to move.

If there are rubber feet, it provides suction and stabilizes the slicer.

Food Pusher

Adding to all those there is also a food pusher which comes with the meat slicers. You won’t have to push the food to the blade with your hands.

Food Tray

Not all slicers come with these. The food tray is removable and helps in catching cut meats after they have cut from the blade.

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