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Meat slicers are, generally speaking, your friends in the kitchen. The slicers also ensure us with fresh, good quality and less preserved food. As meat slicing is a daunting task to do it on your …

How to use a meat slicer

Meat slicers are, generally speaking, your friends in the kitchen. The slicers also ensure us with fresh, good quality and less preserved food. As meat slicing is a daunting task to do it on your own. And as a result, meat slicers come in handy. Our article on the Best meat slicers for home use will be very helpful for you if you are looking to buy a slicer.

And here we shall tell you how to use a meat slicer on your own.The meat slicers may look somewhat complicated but its usage is fairly easy.

Before we start describing the whole process, keep in mind that this work needs fous. The slicers have blades in them and you should pay complete attention when dealing with sharp objects. Hence, follow the steps with concentration. Also if there are children at your house, try to keep them as far as possible from the slicer. 

Returning to the part where we learn how to use a meat slicer, there two different ways. Two different ways for the two different types of meat slicers. The first one is a manual meat slicer. These meat slicers are those which are operated by hand. As a result they are less efficient and time consuming. And they are good for environments with low meat cuts demand. On the contrary, the second type which is an electric/automatic meat slicer is fully automated. It produces meat cuts with efficiency and less time. And can also meet high demands of the environment.

Given below are the both ways of how to use a meat slicer.

How to Use a Meat Slicer?

Here’s the beginner guide to use all type of meat slicers:

How to Use a Manual Meat Slicer?

Firstly, let’s look at the way of how you should use manual meat slicers. A manual meat slicer’s blade is different to that of the electric slicer. The whole cutting component has a blade on the top, a gap and a solid steel bar at the bottom. Bottom bar is attached to the top blade at the ends. The gap allows the cut meat to pass through. Furthermore this component also has two thickness knobs at either ends. There is a handle attached to the rear end of the component to move the blade for cutting. This component is attached to the base of the slicer on end and moves up and down.  Apart from this the slicer also has a food carriage/holder to hold the meat.


Before you start cutting meat on a manual meat slicer there are some prerequisites you should take into notice. The meat to be sliced should be frozen. Keep the meat in the freezer overnight. And then before you cut it with the slicer, take it out of the refrigerator. Keep the frozen meat at room temperature for 15 mins. 

The Process

The process is as follows:

  • Granted the manual meat slicer is not as dangerous as the electric meat slicer, you should still put on cut resistant gloves. You can also put single use gloves over them to prevent the contamination. In the case of meat slicers, safety is always first.
  • Then you should place the meat on the food carriage/holder. Keep it in place while holding it with a paper towel.
  • Also place a plate under the slicer to hold the cuts.
  • After that you need to adjust the thickness on the blade. It depends on how thick you want your slice to be. Turn the knobs at either ends of the blade. Also make sure that both knobs are at the same thickness. If they are at different thicknesses it would result in uneven pieces.
  • Move the blade upwards with the help of the handle. Then place the meat in alignment with the blade.
  • Bring the blade down cutting through the meat. There will be thinly sliced pieces of cut meat.
  • Repeat the process until you get the amount you want.
  • After use, clean the slicer. The cleaning is not as difficult as in an electric slicer. Just put the whole slicer in the sink and rinse it with soap and water. Wear the cut resistant gloves while doing it.

How to use an Electric/Automatic Meat Slicer

Secondly we go on to the electric meat slicers. Although automatic these meat slicers need a bit of effort. To know more about electric meat slicers you can go to our article on the Best meat slicers for home use.

Although frozen meat is recommended, it is not necessary for electric meat slicers.

The Process

The process of cutting in an electric meat slicer is as follows:

  • Before you do anything, put on your cut resistant gloves. You can also put on disposable gloves over them to prevent contamination. We highly recommend using it. Like we have always said safety is always first.
  • Next you ought to put the meat in the food carriage provided. There is a specific pusher arm which you lift up to place the place. After placing it, secure the meat in place.
  • Then make the choice of thickness on the thickness control dial. This said dial has a numbering system. The higher the number the thicker the slice.
  • Usually a collecting tray comes with the meat slicer. So place that under the plate the blade to collect the cut meat pieces
  • After you have done all of this, plug in the slicer and switch on the slicer. You should not plug it in before that for safety purposes.
  • Thereupon push the meat with the help of the handle on the food carriage. Keep pushing it back and forth against the blade as it rotates.
  • After you have enough slices or the whole piece of meat is sliced, switch off the slicer.
  • You should then plug out the slicer.
  • Then you wait for the blades to stop rotating. After they stop, set the thickness dial to zero. When you set it to zero, it goes into a ‘locked position’ and prevents mishaps.

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Finally, clean the meat slicer. Especially when you have cut raw meat with it to prevent infection and contamination. We also have an article on how to clean a meat slicer. Be sure to check it out.

Happy slicing!

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