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Meat slicers make our lives easy. They are efficient, easy to use and a great addition to our kitchen. We have also enumerated a list of Best meat slicers for home use for you.

But when you buy a slicer, the most important thing that you should know is how to clean meat slicers.

How to Clean Meat Slicers

Firstly, cleaning a slicer prevents bacteria infestation and cross infection. For example, when you cut raw meat in a slicer and immediately after that you may slice cooked food. If you do not clean the blade after you have sliced raw food it might lead to cross infection. The cooked food as a result will be contaminated. If you eat that food it might lead to health hazards and diseases. Also when you do not clean the slicer, the residual food bits remain there. Gradually the buildup would start getting bacteria infestation which would be more dangerous.

Secondly, if you clean the slicer at regular intervals it works for a long time. Daily sanitation helps in increasing the durability.

Accordingly, this article deals with the tools required and the whole process of how to clean meat slicers.

Required tools

First we shall discuss the different types of tools and commodities we need to clean a meat slicer:


The absolute first thing you should consider while cleaning a meat slicer is safety. The cut resistant gloves you use while operating the slicer is a must for cleaning too. 

Additionally you will also have to have single use disposable gloves. These gloves are good to prevent contamination. 

Soap solution

Another requirement is a soap solution. Moreover this particular solution should contain a 1:1 ratio of soap and warm water for the best possible result. The warmth helps in the breakdown of residues.


In addition to those you will need towels. Keep at thick heavy towels as well as the disposable towels.

Cleaning pad/brush

Furthermore, you will need a cleaning pad. A scouring pad will be a good option. But if you are able to procure a small brush, it will work wonders. Even a cleaning sponge is a good alternative.


Lastly, you will need a proper sanitiser. The said sanitiser will give you added protection to the blade from infection and bacteria infestation. As the soap solution may not sufficiently remove the soils. Additionally, the whole slicer body cannot be washed with soap solution. 

The Process

Second comes the actual process of cleaning. The process is further divided into sub parts here so that you get a vivid idea of how to clean  meat slicers.

Getting ready

As it has always been mentioned, keep in mind that safety is a first. You should follow the following points before cleaning:

  • Put on the gloves. The cut resistant gloves should be put on first. Because these protect your hands from injury when you clean the blade.
  • Next, you should put on disposable gloves. They act as a prevention against contamination.
  • Plug out the slicer.
  • Also turn the thickness dial to zero. When the thickness is turned to zero it goes into a locked position

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Disassembling the parts

Before you start cleaning, you obviously have to dismantle the parts in need of cleaning. These enumerate the ways:

  • Firstly turn the knob at the front base of the slicer which holds the food carriage in place. Keep rotating it until it comes off and then remove the detachable carriage. Even that is to be cleaned but we will  explain it in the cleaning section.
  • Next, remove the blade guard plate. Different slicer models have different ways to remove. Usually the slicers have a knob at the back of them. Rotate the knob to loosen it. After the knob loosens, it acts as a button. Push it till the blade guard pops out.
  • Further, you need to take the blade off. This is optional, however it is recommended. There is a separate removing tool for it. The tool comes with two knob-like handles. Attach it to the blade and turn the handles to fit the blade. After that, use the allen key provided to screw out the screws of the blade. Holding the tool, remove the blade.

The Cleaning

This section will tell you how to clean meat slicers. You must follow the steps exactly to get the best results:

  • Firstly wipe off the solid residue with a disposal towel. After that spray the whole slicer with sanitiser. Again clean it with another disposal towel. Make sure to spray and clean in between the knobs, screws, handles and along the seams.
  • Secondly the food carriage detached during the first step of dismantling is cleaned. So, take it to the sink and lightly scrub it with a scouring pad and soap solution. After that rinse it with water and keep it aside to dry.
  • Next clean the guard plate. The same way you have cleaned the food carriage, clean the guard plate too. Scrub it with soap solution and rinse it with water.
  • After that we have an optional step. However if you remove the blade, it is cleaned better and prevents infection. You might not clean it as regularly as the other parts. But you might consider cleaning it once in a while. You can clean it the same way as the others.
  • Further dry all the parts with a heavy and absorbing towel. And sanitise them again and wipe it with a single use towel.
  • Finally, refit the blade. The blade is refitted with screwing back the screws and then you can detach the removing tool. Fit back the blade safety guard and food carriage.

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In essence, we have described the whole cleaning process. You will need to concentrate and follow through the process exactly. We hope that you heed to our instructions carefully. 

Have a happy and safe cleaning!

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