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A meat grinder is a vital addition to your kitchen. As to why you should own one, there are many reasons. Because the meat in commercial grinder is of a huge amount, they come from different animals. And they are not always the best bits. When you grind meat of your own, the flavour and texture are also good.

Moreover you know what is in the meat and how fresh it is. There are absolutely minute chances of infection and contamination. If you need help in buying a meat grinder, we have an article on the best meat grinders, This will give you a detailed view on the meat grinders.

Hence, here we will give you tips on how to buy a meat grinder. As you should know there certain parameters  you should look into before you buy a meat grinder. And obviously there can not be a single meat grinder which will be best for everyone. So look for the things you absolutely want in a grinder.

How to buy a meat grinder?

Here we have grouped together some of the parameters you should consider while you buy a meat grinder for yourself. If you take these into consideration, we are sure you won’t find yourself buying an unworthy grinder. 

Source of power supply

This is a very major parameter of identifying a grinder of your choice. As we know the meat grinder can be either manual or electric. So it depends on you to choose which is more suitable to you. As the name suggests the electric meat grinders work with the help of a motor driven by electricity.

It needs very minimal effort. Moreover they have a cutting blade and when you switch it on it pushes the meat through it. And then the grinding plates grind the meat. On the contrary the manual meat grinder needs manual effort. So these have a hand crank. And when you turn the crank, the meat grinds out. Hence it needs a lot of effort.

Therefore choose your type accordingly. If you want to invest your time and effort, go for a manual. And if you want to save time go for an electric one.

Output Capacity

After that, you should take into consideration the amount of meat you will need. So if you only need the meat grinder at home, you will need to grind smaller amounts of meat. As a result you can go for a manual meat grinder. But if you still don’t want to invest the effort and time, go for a compact and lightweight electric grinder.

In contrast to that if you have a large demand, you will need a heavy duty commercial grinder. For commercial uses, these are necessary as their kilogram per hour capacity is very high. 


Another thing you should take note of is the size. So say you are looking for a compact and lightweight for your countertops, Which can be stored in cabinets when not in use. So you should choose taking into consideration that.

And if you don’t have a problem in providing the grinder a permanent place in the kitchen, buy one accordingly. Obviously you can go for a heavier one.


Thirdly, take notice of the material of the body of the grinder, the plates and blades too. As simple carbon steel is prone to corrosion, choose the one which is not that. Always prefer stainless steel over other materials. So that they last for a long time without wear and tear.

Although you can go for a grinder of carbon steel coated with aluminum. But eventually the coating wears off. So be mindful of that while choosing a grinder.


When we choose to buy a meat grinder, the other accessories apart from the basic ones should also be considered. As some of the meat grinders do come with various sausage and kibbeh attachments, they are better. In addition to that they must have the various degrees of thickness of grinding plates.

And If there’s an extra cutting blade or a good food pusher with a grinder, it should definitely be considered. If you find one with all of this, you should obviously go for it.


Lastly consider the durability of the meat grinder. Even that depends on the number of times and the extent of time you want to use it. For example you want to grind meat for a long time continuously for many times in a week. So you cannot go for a compact and lightweight grinder. If you do it otherwise, the grinder will give up. Hence always consider this.

Our recommendations

We will recommend the grinders which according to us are the best for the situation. And we hope this might help you.

If you want an electric meat grinder for home use, we have one in our mind. So the best grinder for that is Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder.

And if you want an electric meat grinder for commercial purposes, we have a recommendation. So the best grinder for commercial purpose is Weston Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder.

Then if you want a manual grinder, we have the perfect one for you. So the best manual grinder  according to us is LEM Products Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder.

For more details on the grinders check our article on best meat grinders.

In essence, we hope you learnt the things you should consider for buying a meat grinder. So when you actually buy a grinder you must know the usage and cleaning. Our articles on how does a meat grinder work and how to clean a meat grinder will definitely help you.

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