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Meat slicers or deli slicers are very popular these days. Especially at home kitchens, they are giving the novice home chefs a chance to experiment and whatnot. If you like cooking and you haven’t bought a meat slicer yet you should. To help you out with that we have an article on Best meat slicers for home use

That being said, if you do buy one, you will have to take care of it. The maintenance is a must in the slicers. Hence, cleaning is one of the most important requirements for a fine and durable slicer. You should also have an idea of how often a meat cleaned. This article will clear all your doubts regarding that.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning is a broad term when you take into account a meat slicer. When you simply wipe off the solid residue from the slicer after slicing. Or when you are dismantling the parts and doing deep cleaning with sanitization. Both of them come under cleaning.

Of course we are very sure you do the former type every time. However what your slicer actually needs is the second type. We have a vividly described article on how to clean a meat slicer. Furthermore we should tell you that when you wipe the slicer with a towel, it only removes the grease and dirt. But the small food particles stay between the pieces. Even the invisible bacteria which causes infection stays. The second process is what is actually useful.

Why should you clean the meat slicer thoroughly?

As the food residue stays in the blades, they fester there. 

Firstly, the quality of food also deteriorates. As a result of contamination, they don’t even taste good. If you keep on cutting on that, it will also lead to wastage. As you won’t be able to even consume it. For example if you cut meat and then only wipe it. As these slicers are also used for slicing fruits and vegetables, you may sometimes want to use it for them. But if you have not cleaned it after slicing meat, it will definitely contaminate the others.

The second reason is that raw meat can contaminate the blade with bacteria. It results in residue buildup. You will have to clean and sanitise after you cut meat in a meat slicer. Because when you don’t, the raw meat can leave behind Listeria Monocytogenes. This is a bacterium which causes the disease Listeriosis. Listeriosis specifically attacks pregnant women and older people aged over 65. So clean it to prevent cross infection.

How often should a meat slicer be cleaned?

Commercial Use

Usually a meat slicer in a commercial environment is recommended to be cleaned every 4 hours. The FDA has guidelines for cleaning the slicers. All the blade safety guards, food carriage/pusher, the collecting tray are cleaned and sanitised thoroughly. With appropriate soap solution and sanitiser.

Home Use

On the contrary when you use meat slicers at home, you should not clean them as frequently. But still cleanliness is obviously a priority here.

When you use it for a small amount of time, for example you slice only a slab of meat or two. You can clean it after your work is complete.

But if you are hosting a party or a luncheon, you may need to use them slicer for a longer amount of time. Therefore it is advisable to clean it like the ones in commercial environments. According to the FDA guidelines, clean it every four hours.

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In essence, you should clean your meat slicers thoroughly. And that is for your benefit too. If you need to know more about the meat slicers in general, we have got you. Go through our Best meat slicers for home use article.

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