4 Best Built-In Gas Grills Reviews

If you are an outdoor cooking enthusiast, you must love the barbecue season. There’s something very satisfying about outdoor cooking. Especially with your family and around, communication flows freely while you cook. And when you stand there while you grill and others enjoy your cooking, your heart fills with happiness and pride. But have you ever thought what is that one other that will bring you happiness and satisfaction? We think we know what will bring you that feeling. 

Probably the most important thing of pride is building the ultimate outdoor kitchen. When you have a custom made outdoor kitchen space, you can invite friends to your cookouts. However, one thing about an outdoor kitchen is the heavy investment you will need to do. And you will need to have a good built-in gas grill for that. A built-in gas grill is designed to sit on your outdoor kitchen countertop, as opposed to the traditional grills. Hence, you will need to pay attention while buying a built-in gas grill. A good built-in gas grill depends on how long it lasts as well its performance. And we think we can help you with choosing a good built-in gas grill. In this article, we discuss the built-in gas grills which will be a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. 

Our top 4 best built-in gas grills

Product RetingPrice
Napoleon Prestige 5009.9
Blaze Premium LTE 32-Inch9.8
Napoleon Prestige PRO 6658.8
Bull BBQ 47628 Angus9.7

In the following list, we have our top 4 choices for the best built-in gas grills. And we think this will help you a lot in choosing the best one for your outdoor kitchen.

1. Napoleon Prestige 500

Napoleon Prestige 500

Why we love it:

  • This built-in gas grill is compatible with a propane gas unit.
  • Also, this grill has a total cooking area of 760 square inches.
  • The grill has 4 stainless steel burners and stainless steel WAVE cooking grates.
  • Additionally, the grill has an infrared rotisserie rear burner and stainless steel sear plates.

The Napoleon Prestige 500 falls under our list of the best gas grills especially because of the brand it belongs to. Napoleon is one of the most famous brands you would go to if you are looking for a built-in gas grill. And this product proves to be one of its best in the range.

This built-in gas grill has a cooking space of 760 sq. inches which is a big enough space for your family and friends. You will be able to grill several steaks and burgers, all at once with no hassle. Besides that, primary cooking space has 7.5mm stainless steel WAVE cooking grates.

And these are perfect for giving your steak the perfect sear marks. Additionally, there are also dual level sear plates in the grill which further help you in perfect sears.

There are four main stainless steel burners, which are made for durability. In addition, there is an infrared rear burner which is the exact thing you need for a rotisserie meal. 

Furthermore, there is a JETFIRE Ignition System in the grill which helps you in quick startups. Also, the knobs on the grill have a safety glow which turns red when the burner is on. And you can also opt for either direct or indirect grilling in the grill. 

There is also a charcoal tray in the grill which will help you in grilling with charcoal or smoking food on the grill.

  • Infrared rear burner
  • Stainless steel WAVE cooking grates for perfect sear marks
  • JETFIRE Ignition System
  • Dual level sear plates

  • No gas grill regulator
  • Assembly is difficult.
Overall, this is a great grill to have especially due it brand. As Napoleon has been around for years and guarantees you with the best products. Thus, if the features meet your requirements, you should buy it.

2. Blaze Premium LTE 32-Inch 

Blaze Premium LTE 32-Inch 

Why we love it:

  • This is a built-in propane gas grill.
  • Also, the grill has a wide cooking space of 748 square inches for you to grill.
  • There is also an infrared rotisserie rear burner in the grill.
  • Moreover, there are 304 grade stainless steel burners, which guarantees durability..

The BlazePremium LTE 32 inch has made it to our list of the best built-in gas grills because of its affordable yet premium features. Although in possession of the best features only available in the most premium grade grills, it is fairly affordable.

This built-in gas grill has a wide cooking space of 748 sq. inches, which is great for an afternoon cookout with friends and family. And will be a significant addition to your custom-made outdoor kitchen. This space also has 9mm triangle shaped stainless steel cooking grates great for searing.

Also, this grill has four 304 grade stainless steel burners which are corrosion resistant and durable. In addition, there is also an infrared rear burner which is powerful enough for you to cook good rotisserie meals. 

The grill also has a signature LED illuminated control system with halogen hood lighting, perfect for nighttime cookout. 

The ignition system in the grill gives you a quick start as well as a reliable flame. And the 14 gauge flame stabilizer grid helps minimize flare-ups.

  • Infrared rear burner
  • LED illuminated control system
  • Quick startup with reliable flame
  • 14-gauge flame stabilizer grid

  • The heat of burners might not be enough for searing
  • No guarantee of perfect sear marks
Overall, this grill will be an impressive addition to your outdoor kitchen. And especially because of the myriad of qualities it possesses at an affordable price. Therefore, we suggest you consider buying this built-in grill.

3. Napoleon Prestige PRO 665

Napoleon Prestige PRO 665

Why we love it:

  • This built-in gas grill uses liquid propane gas.
  • There is a 625 sq. inches of cooking area in the grill.
  • Apart from the main burners in the grill, there is an infrared rotisserie burner.
  • Additionally, this grill has stainless steel sear plates and a built-in smoker tray.

Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 is one of the best built-in gas grills because of the brand and performance too. Napoleon, as you must know, specializes in making luxury built-in gas grills. Hence, this grill is one of the best options for you.

This built-in gas grill has 5 stainless steel main burners which give you resistance against corrosion. There is a cooking space of 625 square inches in the grill which is big enough for outdoor cookouts. So you will be able to have your family and friends get together.

In addition, there is an infrared sear burner which helps you in cooking delicious rotisserie meals. Included in the grill is a heavy duty rotisserie kit which further aids you in cooking that. Additionally, there are sear plates for perfect searing of whatever food you want. The built-in smoker tray in the grill will give intense smoke flavors while smoking.

Furthermore, there is a JETFIRE ignition system in the grill which helps you with quick startups. And with this, there is the feature of the grill where channels connect the burners for easier ignition.

The internal halogen lightning on the lid and the LED spectrum night light on the control knobs make it perfect for nighttime grilling.

  • Infrared rotisserie burner with rotisserie kit
  • Built-in smoker tray
  • JETFIRE ignition system
  • Internal lid halogen lighting and LED spectrum night light for nighttime grilling.

  • The cooking space is smaller compared to other grills on the price
  • Missing insulation jacket can be a fire hazard.
With all things said, this grill can be the one important thing you will need for your outdoor kitchen. It has a series of impressive features which will no doubt interest you. Hence, you must consider this as an option among built-in gas grills.

4. Bull BBQ 47628 Angus

Bull BBQ 47628 Angus

Why we love it:

  • This built-in gas grill comes with a propane gas unit.
  • The grill has a primary cooking area of 810 sq. inches with a warming rack area of 210 sq. inches
  • There are 4 main stainless steel burners with stainless steel grates.
  • Besides that, there is an infrared rear burner.

Bull BBQ 47628 Angus one of the best built-in gas grills because of its extensive cooking area and performance.

This gas grill has four stainless steel bar burners, which are made for durability. And above these burners is a wide expanse of 810 sq. inches primary cooking space. This is an immense space for you to grill and you can grill several things simultaneously on it.

And that would be enough for you to hold a large outdoor cookout for friends and family. In addition, the grill has a warming area of 210 sq. inches which will keep your grilled food warm.

Furthermore, there is an infrared back burner which is 16-gauge 304 stainless steel. And this grade of steel is way more corrosion resistant than other types. Also, this back burner is perfect for your rotisserie meals. 

Besides that, the burners come with a 20 year warranty and the grates and lid have a lifetime warranty.

  • Stainless steel burners
  • Huge cooking space
  • Infrared back burner
  • 20 year warranty on burners and a lifetime warranty on the lid and grates

  • Lights transformer malfunction
  • Getting the grill to a low temperature is difficult.
This grill will probably fulfill all the boxes you need for your outdoor kitchen grill. Especially at the price it comes, this grill is a catch. In our opinion, you must go for this useful yet affordable grill.

Buying Guide

There are some parameters you need to consider while you choose a built-in gas grill. Here we will let you know about them:

Grill Construction Material
One of the most important thing you need to pay attention while buying a built-in gas grill is material. And according to us, one of the best material for the body of a grill is stainless steel. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant as well as durable. Especially the 304 grade stainless steel type, which are much more rust resistant than other types. So if you get a built-in gas grill with a 304 stainless steel, that will be a great catch for you.

Another important thing you will need to consider is the versatility of the grill. You must go for grills which can perform types of grilling. First of all, the built-in grill should have the facility of the two cooking zones, direct and indirect grilling. Additionally, the grill must also have a separate sear station for perfect searing.

Besides that, it’s great if your grill has a rear rotisserie burner which will give you perfect rotisserie meals. 

Size and Weight
The built-in gas grill you choose for yourself must fit in your outdoor kitchen. Usually, the kitchens are custom-made, so you will need to consider the dimensions of the grill. Also, the built-in gas grill’s weight must be according to the load your kitchen counter can handle.

Cooking area
Generally, you want to build an outdoor kitchen space because you want to entertain large groups of people. Hence for that you will also need a grill with a good cooking area. So that you can do a lot of gilling simultaneously.

Also, if your grill has a good warming area, that is a plus point for you. So that you can keep your grilled food warm.

Burners and BTU
The number of burners in the built-in gas grill has an important role to play while choosing it. So the more the number of burners in a grill, the better. When you have more burners, it is easier for you to create the two cooking zones, direct and indirect. 

Cooking power, measured in BTUs, also matters. The more BTU your burners on the grill have, the better.


Q – Should I buy a built-in gas grill?
A – If you are an outdoor cooking enthusiast, built-in gas grills are definitely worth it. Especially when you have a custom-built outdoor kitchen at your house. With the help of a built-in gas grill, you can hold cookouts with your family and friends. And enjoy the results, sitting in your backyard.

Q – Can I keep my built-in gas grill outside?
A – When you install a built-in gas grill in your outdoor kitchen, it is supposed to be a permanent structure. So it is no problem if they remain outside during various weather conditions.

However, you will need to protect the grill from the elements of nature as much as possible. Because the best of the grill with the toughest of materials can corrode over time. Hence, we recommend you must keep your grill covered at all times when you are not using it.

Q – How far should a built-in gas from the house?
A – In our opinion, your built-in gas grill must be installed at around 3 feet away from your house’s outer walls. Also, always take care your grill is at least 10 feet away from any inflammable substances.


Concludingly, we hope that this list of the best built-in gas grills helps you in finding the one of your choice. We encourage you to buy one if you love cooking outside. As we know you will heartily enjoy grilling one of the most high-performance products in the market.

You can check out our pick of the best gas grills under different price ranges of $1000, $500, $300 and $200.

Visit our website Cookinggearlab for more information and reviews on kitchen gadgets.

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